Monday, March 03, 2008


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Back from the 1st MTB race of the year. Bryan brought his 3 girls down to play with grandma and Eva so we had non stop action all weekend.

Friday we burned a lap and got used to the dirt, felt good to be out in the sun but the legs were feeling like I had just come off the ski hill, kinda heavy.

Saturday brought perfect racing weather and a good early season field with some durangoan's. This is a good early season course as the climbs are short and not very steep so you can use momentum to get into a rhythm. The first lap my legs were heavy and without much snap but I rode near the front anticipating they would come around. At the end of the first lap I found myself alone on the front as Troy Wells punctured on the Rocky DH trying to hold the scalpel's wheel. I forged on alone and got into a pretty good rhythm with what felt like a pretty fast 2nd and 3rd lap. By the 4th lap my legs were getting tired but I still had pretty good energy and worked the momentum game.

On a steep climbing course I may have suffered a little more as I am a little heavier now than last years race weight but this gives me confidence that my winter endurance training is carrying over well and I should be able to make some solid improvements in my climbing in the next couple months, will see.

Ohran had a great race finishing 8th in the pro men, I had no doubt he was up for a solid ride. His result helps validate some of my training theory's as I have got him on the working man's plan.

Sunday we gave Cale and T brown a tour around goulds-gem-hurricane rim loop in the driving wind, it was a good time and we all had a laugh as one after another we were blown off the trail in the rim.

I am tired today as the body is not used to the punishment dished out on mountain bike races and rides, time to rest.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Would you mind sharing some of the details of your "working mans plan" with the rest of us?

12:37 AM

Blogger CDB said...

Here-here. I do the working man's training plan too. Commute to work, commute home. Maybe ride the trainer a bit mid week. ride on the weekend. Don't waste time doing Junk Miles (tm). Get in, get out. Move on to other life responsibilities. Don't obsess about the racing. Good genes do the work for you, give or take a few percentage points.

Good job on the latest win, Bart.

10:20 AM


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