Sunday, March 30, 2008

a case of the slows

So it's Sunday afternoon and the Fontana weekend is already behind me.

I flew in on Friday afternoon to preride the course while keeping my days away from home at a minimum. I was not feeling that peppy but sometimes you don't after traveling. A poor nights sleep did not help but I kept positive hoping I could work into a good race. This course is tough with a lot short steep climbs that make it difficult to ease into. I warmed up ok but had a headache and could tell I just did not have much in the tank for racing speeds. I got a fairly good start but about half way through the first lap found I really had to force it just to keep moving and had nothing to give. I slowly slipped out of the top twenty and soft pedaled another lap before I pulled the plug. Man everything hurt from my back and shoulders to the rib I fractured in December, very hypersensitive.

I find I have to pick my battles and this was as not one of them, the honorable thing would be to finish but I knew that would only dig a deeper hole. In hindsight I should have seen this coming as I did not fully recover from my ski trip and attempted to put in a few efforts on the bike compounding the problem. This is a classic case of trying to do to much in to little time against my original plan.

So rather than hangout in Cali for the short track I cut my loses and jumped on a early Sunday morning flight to spend the day with the family and start the recovery process. After a poor performance the temptation is always to start training, which I know I need but not before some rest. I woke up this am with sore throat which confirms my theory about being a little run down and couple days of complete rest is exactly what I need before building some bike fitness.

So now I will return to my original plan of training at home while doing some local races and being there for Rosie while she survives the last few weeks of pregnancy, I will get plenty of big race action later in the year.

Boring post I know- new race rig this week with some pics!


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im sure you will win the other 30 races this year.

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