Saturday, March 08, 2008


Rosie has been down with the flu all week so Eva and I have had a lot of daddy daughter time. My exercise has been limited to riding to a from work this week until today when I got out in the mountains with Jared and Chris Peters.

We nearly made it to the top of twin peaks but above about 10500' the visibility was zero so we turned around and enjoyed some vertigo skiing until out of the clouds. We got in about 6000 ft with some good turns on bonkers which we ended up doing 2 laps on.

visibility failing



Chris P without a head

We kind of blew the exit but got in some jump turn/slip slide practice. Note the old sobe/headshok marmot orange shell I was sportin today, easily spotted.

the samurai rail slide.....

the non samurai method

Nice morning in the mountains!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

See Here or Here

9:29 PM

Blogger Rick Sunderlage said...

Nice- Bonkers is a long approach. Cool pics. Are you doing the Wasatch Powderkeg this weekend?

4:04 PM


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