Saturday, February 02, 2008

winter tri mix

Passed on the frozen hog for a mix of winter activity. I race bikes all summer so in the winter it is important for me to mix it up a bit yet keep a high volume of physical activty. When spring comes around and its time to race bikes again I am itchin to rip and have the aerobic engine to support some specefic speed on the bike. Today was a good mix.

Skated at Mtn Dell in the am for 1.5 hrs at a steady pace with a few good efforts. Track is getting firmer after all the snow this week but the lower loop is yet to be groomed, this is a good problem to have. Ohran picked me up at the Dell and we headed up to PC to meet Ali for some snow biking. We hit up Tollgate Canyon and the graded snow roads and got in a 2.5 hr MTB. Funny that the 2 people I know that live up there we ran into, Marty Jamieson and Matt Wolf/ Lisa Peck. I think Marty has the coolest looking house up there. It was cold but with the all the steep climbing we stayed pretty warm and then bundled up for the DH. I bet Ali will make video but its to bad he missed Ohrans face plant snow bike. When I got home Rosie and Eva were still bridal showering so I decided to make a quick lap on the backyard AT loop. Looked like a lot of the neighborhood got out on the hill today and the Southeast ridge was actualy tracked out, at least a skin track was set. Another 1.5 hrs skinning and skiing with a great run down the East face into freeze creek. Teled on some BD lyrics that were perfect for the soft snow. Finished in the dark.

The new janaks are all mounted so I might get out early tomorrow for another couple laps on the AT loop.

have a good night!


Blogger jsager said...

dang. all I did was make a snowball today.

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