Sunday, February 10, 2008

sun and snow

LA was good and although I was restless in the meetings I learned some of the latest and greatest in amputee care and prosthetics. I got in 3 good rides, all in shorts but was passed by more cars in 1 hour than an entire year commuting up and down EC.

Riding North towards the mountains along Venice beach

Bathroom stop at taco bell along Ventrua blvd, can't be to carefull around here

Got back to winter on Friday evening and had just enough time to bust a quick loop on my AT lap, the wind has done a number on the creamy DH. This wet my appetite for a little more skiing so the samurai and I hit up the tri-canyon tour starting at Alta and ending in Millcreek. The light was flat and my pics are not that good but we got a good workout, covered some ground, and made some turns.

Here is a shot of "Gods lawnmower" slide path looking across BC from Reynolds

Jared demonstrating an alternative method of descedning after a small binding malfunction

The preferred method down Wilson chutes

This big guy looks pumped about all the snow

while this little guy was digging a snow cave

This weeks winter activity wrap up:

Monday: 4 hour AT loop, freeze creek- brigham fork- top of pine crest- top of red butte- breaking trail in about 12" fresh, great turns!
Tuesday: 6+ hour road ride, 125 mile exporation ride in cali frim San Pedro North to Malibu along the coast, up Topanga canyon and looping around through Holywood and Beverly Hills. A few good efforts with some rest at stop lights.
Wednesday: 2 hr road ride in the hills behind San Pedro and along the coast, a few crazy steep climbs.
Thursday: 2 hrs again exploring the hills above San Pedro and along the southern coast of LA, great views but caught in the dark again.

Friday: 1 hr backyard AT lap

Saturday: 5 hr tri canyon backcountry tour chasing Jared as he prepares for some rando racing, not sure of the stats but I was tired at the end.
Sunday: 30 min family hike in am and 1.5 hr neighborhood MTB in pm up pinecrest checking out some new ski routes. A few good climbing efforts reminded me of yestedays duration.

Eva helping me clean up the driveway


Blogger UtRider said...

20+ hour week - that's serious business. You planning to race the ICUP opener in St. George?

3:40 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

mixing it up keeps me fresh. Yea I hope to be at the st george Icup for some dirt racing/riding. what about you?

9:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeaahhh!! Getting out of Santa Monica sucks, but once you get up into the Canyons it is some of the best riding ever. Hopefully, you got to see some of the incredible and traffic free canyons of Malibu. I used to train around there about 1/week when I was a young punk.

7:02 AM

Blogger UtRider said...

Yeah, the plan is to do the St. George race though for me it will be less of a "race" and more of a "ride" given my fitness!

4:38 PM


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