Sunday, February 03, 2008

the real deal

So I have been getting a lot of emails about the velonews article, thanks!

The one thing that was left out is the critical role Rosie has played in any of the success I have seen. Rosie is absolutely the most important piece of the puzzle and without her support, flexibility, and tolerance, competing at a high level would not be possible. They should have written an article on her: A wife that helps and encourges her husband to ride his bike and never grow up! They could have had a good picture of her handing up water bottles barefoot and pregnant while chasing a 2 year old.
She is a Jem!

Another winter week recap:

Mon: 30 min snowy night MTB in the neighboorhood
Tue: Epic day at DV skiing powder for 7 hrs
Wed: Commute to work on MTB 1 hr
Thurs: Dawn patrol alpine tour 3 hrs, 1 hr commute to work on MTB
Fri: 1 hr commute to work on MTB
Sat: 1.5 hr skate ski at mtn dell, 2.5 hr snow biking, 1.5 hr AT lap
Sunday: Backyard AT laps, 1 hr am and 1 hr pm
And most importantly the upstairs rooms are mostly done and ready for carpet!

This week I am going to LA for a conference so no winter fun, except for tomorrow. I am taking a bike so I should get a little warm saddle time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop a note. I saw the VeloNews article as well and made a mental note. Things have begun to look down for the coming season and then I remembered the story about you and found your blog. Congrats on the awesome season this year, you will be an inspiration for me as this years CX season draws near.

2:16 PM


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