Friday, February 22, 2008


The last couple years I have been experimenting with winter training alternatives. I have slowly decreased the amount I ride in the winter but swapped it for other repetitive aerobic activity like skate skiing, snow shoeing, and alpine touring. This year I am really pushing the alternative time and am excited to see where my mountain bike race fitness is at next weekends race in dixie after a winter of more skiing than biking. I am a little bummed my new custom painted scalpel won't be here in time but I guess that will make me get the old one in working order.

I kept the theme going this afternoon with Jared on another tour, we logged about 5300 vertical and found the mountains had accumulated at least a foot of fresh creamy powder for the DH. While skinning up the flakes coming down were nearly 2 inch's in diameter and quickly adding up, it cleared up at the top for some great views.
Maybe tomorrow I'll ride my bike, or maybe I will ski again and save the riding until next Saturday.


Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

youre wondering where your fitness will be?

lets see, you could probably not go into the red zone one bit, ride your own casual pace and drop everyone, finish in sub 2 hrs with 2nd a distant 5mins back. then after youre wondering why it was so easy.

dont wonder, nobody is going to be close, since sager left, maybe you guys could ride around like last year and chit chat.

1:52 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read your write up in Velo News recently. The first time I saw you race was at the E100 where you spanked everyone and then went to a wedding.

You're the hero of every working person that races a bicycle. Congrats and good luck with racing this season.

A fellow APTA member

7:09 PM


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