Sunday, October 07, 2007


Heber, Utah played host the 2nd stop of the utah cyclcrosss series and demonstrated there warm hospitality by setting up the snow makers and muddin up the entire rodeo grounds. They also went above and beyond by firing up an industrial strength air conditioner and drop the normal balmy Utah October temps.

The mud was fun but the cold kind of got to me, with the snow and wind I was not able to get warm during the race and felt like the blood in my legs was freezing and causing my skin to crack. I was not very focused and backed off an early move and raced around the loop with "socks Goulet" who seemed to be getting the majority of the crowd support, it must have be the socks. In the end I was able to pull away but Ali was the more aggressive rider and was really ripping some of the muddier sections. I am bummed to be missing next weeks race at the RMR as the off camber side hill is one of my favorite sections, but duty calls and TeamMonaVie needs me at the 24hours of moab.

Eva leads the cheering section through another round of "the sun will come out tomorrow". If the trend continues my own family may start cheering for anyone other than me!

Ohran and I did a classic MTB ride this afternoon on some serious hero dirt, I was laying the scalpel over in the corners and actually got pumped for Moab this weekend, riding a cross bike you forget what a mountain bike can do on the DH.

With the weather cooling off we stoked up the fire pit tonight for some weenies, smores, and Rosies now famous vegtable Chili. I think this is my new all time favorite soup, and I am a conisoure of fine soups. Also of mention was Ali and Joanna's pumpkin cookies, very well executed.

I got more pics but for some stinkin reason I can't post them and I smell like smoke.


Blogger Forrest said...

Bart, I didnt realize that it was your team we had the epic dual with at the 97 24hrs of Moab.

10:15 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

yea a lost baton is a tough way to lose an epic battle. Surely John Barth still has nightmares about that stupid little wood stick

8:12 AM


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