Monday, October 15, 2007

24 Hours of Moab

Another 24 hrs of Moab in the books. After taking a couple years off from the event it was good to be back and I must say it was nice not riding duo/pro. I think the social aspect of milling around for a few days in the desert with thousands of other cool people is the best part and it is difficult to enjoy if you are always on the bike. 4 person is a great ratio of riding to socializing.

Because I don't have nor want remote updating capabilities and am a very poor at getting rad pics you will have to check the teams official historian for details of the event but here are a few shots.

This 400 meter sprint is why I am sore today, running a few steps over barriers is not running. The first lap was pretty fun and I found myself quickly in the lead, T Brown caught me on the flat windy backside and put the hurt on me in the sand. He had some trouble so Mike Janell and I cruised in to take the first lap

Sager begged to do my laps for me but I would not let him so he logged some extra warm up miles on the airdyne

Bella (Ohran's Daughter) in the pink propeller helmet finished a strong 2nd in the 24 minutes of Moab, we can't call her Slowran.

Eva had a great time dancing in the sand in her pj's

Warmin up for my early morning lap

Embarrassing! Granny Gear thought it would be fun to crown the guy and gal with fastest lap of the event, Willow Korber must have got word and split early. It least I had on my red shoes to match.

A big thanks to Mona Vie. It is no wonder they are a success full company, the individuals running it are class acts and quite impressive on bikes considering their experience, surely all that acai helps.

Also a big thanks to the other sponsors: The Scalpel rules, enough said! Reynolds carbon MTB wheels can slam red rock at mach speed in the dark without even a flinch. Egg beaters are the sand pedal. Light and Motion lights feel like cheating. Jaine Gillespie has no equal when it comes to 24 hour support personnel, she juggles 3 teams, works a mean egg burito, plays grandma, runs the compond and all without a lick of sleep or fan fare.

Maybe more later.....


Blogger UtRider said...

You all rode an impressive race and it was fun to follow your progress via the real time results available online. Congrats on winning your category, the overall and putting in the fastest lap. Not a bad 24 hours work!

12:43 PM


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