Monday, August 06, 2007

Icup down

Once again the intermountain cup is behind us, amazing how fast summer rolls. Again sorry for no photos, I have a cool mini camera but never have it with me. What a sorry excuse for a blogger.

The Evanston race was generally a good time other than my 2 flats. I felt pretty good and set a steady pace from the start, Alex and I found ourselves off the front when out of nowhere my rear tire goes lame. I did not bother trying to seal it as I found a knobby had torn off leaving a nice hole so I put a tube in and began the chase. Prior to the flat it seemed the climbs where pain free but now that I was chasing everything hurt, funny how that happens. I chased back from 8th to 3rd and then had to ease up and recover and found good company with Chris and Rich on the fire road climb. Rich and I pulled away until I flatted again at the top of deadmans, I had a hunch it would not last to the end of the race. I rode the sweet reynolds carbon rim down to the bottom where I found a tube. The wheel is without a scratch and remains perfectly true, reynolds rules. By the time I got going again I was back in 8th with only the Finish loop remaining, I rolled in 6th. Can't be to bummed considering I was able to hang on to the overal series win with Thomas in 2nd and Alex the summer sensation in 3rd.

The annual pizza fest was a good time and but I was robbed in the over 30 best legs contest by some dude who thought it was a best pecs contest.

Back to the family in bear lake for more weekend festivities. Rosie is a ripper on the salom ski, who knew.
From Bear Lake I rode to Woodruff and over to Huntsville where Rosie and Eva picked me up. The Huntsville 100 road race was the day before and I was able take advantage of leftover bottled water in the feed zone, not cold but beggars can't be choosers. That ended up being more of a ride than I expected with a ragging south wind slowing things down from Bear Lake to Woodruff. The climb was nice and the views at the top of monte cristo where amazing. The burger and coke Rosie got me at the greasy spoon in Randolf topped off a near perfect road ride.

Now maybe for some road racing, road stage racing/puerto rico vacation, and cross.


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