Monday, July 09, 2007

sherwood hills Icup

Possibly the best race course of the Icup. World Cup style course with multiple ups and downs per lap and real flowing 1 track. None of this norba style 30 min fire road boring climb and 20 switch back descents. It seemed the heat scared a few people away, to bad they missed some good racing.

In general I had a good race but was unable to seal the deal. I gassed it after the start loop to get out of the dust and Alex and I got off the front. We rolled for a couple laps and I was feeling pretty good so on the 3rd lap I kept the pace up and found myself building a little lead. By the 4th lap I was fairly confident I was going to pull off a win, but this is racing and things happen. A slow leak turned into a flat I found a small slice in the top of the tire that I thought would seal, it did not and I was forced to pull it apart and put a tube in which took me forever because I could not get the valve stem out. I tried with gloves on, gloves off, my teeth, gloves on again and finally was able to pull it out through the hole. Once I got going again I knew with only 1.5 laps to go I would never catch back up but I put in a good effort just for kicks and ended up 2nd again. That's racing! I am changing valve stems, no more adapters.

I was pleased with my energy levels in the race and suprised considering I have been battleing a cold all week. The heat did not seem to bother me and I think riding home from work at 4pm everyday has helped with climitization. My hope is I can whip this cold just in time to have a good ride in Vermont. Will see!

Bear Lake at the cabin was a good time and Rog and I rode around the lake before hanging on the beach and swimming with Eva. We headed home early as Rosie, Eva, and I are still trying to shake a head cold.

2nd lap climb to the feed zone, note the new Mona Vie kits. We have green, purple, and green and purple coming soon, tough decisions.

Eva showing off some dance moves on the deck at the cabin

Sunrise at Bearlake

Eva heading out for a swim

Now for a Monday of chores, cheers!

Sagers free!


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