Monday, July 16, 2007


The absolute best part about racing at snowbird is swimming in the stream afterwards and this year did not disappoint. The race for me was marginal at best, I had pretty good legs but just did not feel like pushing it very hard. When Alex went at the top of the 2nd lap I did not respond, I was not hurting but just did not feel like pushing it. I cruised around at my own speed for the rest of the race and was exceptionally slow on the DH, again not in the mood to push it. Maybe it was the heat, maybe the altitude, or maybe just a cracked psyche.

Yesterday I headed out about 1pm for a ride over to east canyon resort and back, it was another perfect 100 degree day. I just rode steady and had a good time, the spring coming out of the pipe at the top of big mountain was a lifesaver. That was the first non-commuting ride I had done in a while and will be my last real ride before heading to Vermont this weekend. I will get in a little commuting but have a lot to get done before I go and need some rest.

Last night I was watching the chicken crush everybody in the alps (he learned that on the MTB), when some friends that live in the canyon show up on my door with a gift bag from London where they went to watch the prologue and early stages. They had some great stories and I scored some cool tour goodies.

Anyway, back to the salt mine!


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haha I saw the link from Sagers blog, thought that I would check it out.... nice

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