Friday, May 18, 2007

AM sun

Got home Thursday night and got a little ride in on the MTB. Sure appreciate Utah after a little time in Cali. Still working with the position, back to a flat bar with the lower seat, not 100% confident yet but will give it a go tomorrow anyway. Racing is the ultimate test. Little Eva has had a fever from a couple monster teeth coming in, hope to get more sleep tonight. I was puttering around on the freeze creek trail by my house tonight and stacked it good, its always when you least expect it. A couple years ago I broke 3 ribs just putzing around, this time I was lucky.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bart-I was thinking about your cleat position. When Primetime gets put in the slammer for selling Speedplays online,you'll have tons of options if you can get to his place before the ATP(Alcohol, tabacco and pedal)patrol raid his place with tear gas!

10:02 PM


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