Saturday, February 10, 2007

south day 2

looking across the virgin towards zions
Rog and I meet up with fox, sara, bob and crew, and sager in hurricane for some 1 track action on Gould's-jem-virgin rim loop. I forgot my shoes in mesquite, sager generously offered me his crocs surely trying to slow me down but I opted to use Rosie's, only 1 size to small. If you did not already know the scalpel rips, I think I am getting it dialed in but have to stop every few hundred feet and change the position. Rog, Sager, and I rode back to st george and Mr big bike treated me to a fast break bar, a great mix of pretzel, peanut butter, and chocolate. You should try one.

Rog took a tumble trying to clip in on a sketchy section and left a chunk of forearm in the rocks. He got bandaged up for the remainder of the ride by some champ who had some bandages with him. Back in our mesquite condo kitchen surgical suite I got him scrubbed, shaved, and sutured. 5 stitches in 5 minutes. Good thing I had a suture kit in my toiletry bag.


will see what tomorrow brings!


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