Saturday, February 03, 2007

Fried the frozen ham

I have not been up to posting during the week, maybe I live a boring life or maybe I just spend my free time playing with Eva, I don't know. You are not missing anything, I either rode my bike to work or skate skied most days of the week and seemed to have some good energy. Even busted out a good game of pool volleyball at lunch on Friday at the VA SPA. The highlight of the week was a f/u injection in the neatherlands, the cyst is almost eradicated if you were wondering.

Today was the frozen hog MTB and you could not have asked for better conditions with temps in the high teens and frozen 1 track. The course is a blast with lots of twisty stuff in the trees, not much climbing but enough to get warm. I took of from the start and rode by myself except for the hundred or so lapers, an exercise in patience. I felt pretty good despite sounding like a frog. The turn out was great but if this race continues to grow they will need a longer loop. Rosie was stoked about another 2 night moab stay. A good 40 min race to ease into the MTB season.

After the race we checked out some carpet samples for the guest room up stairs we have been finishing but did not pull the trigger. Also got a stem for the scalpel and rode it home to dial in the position. I was bonking at the end as my 6" marinara chicken subway was not cutting it.The choclate chips at home did the trick.

Now for the jazz-suns game


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