Monday, January 29, 2007

white supernova's

Word travels fast through alley ways of the cycling community. The support has been incredible and continues to flow, its like I won a big race when really I just get to toe the line with everyone else looking for a little endorphin rush. Thanks!

Ski race at soldier hollow was a great time and despite going down in a heap 3 times (of course no fault of my own) I felt like I skied a little better. My technique is improving but I still have a lot of work if I ever wanted to ski with the real fast guys.

Also could not help but break in the new road bike and saddled up for home from soldier hollow through Kamas with Rog, Bryan, and Mr soon to have a bunch of obsolete sweat bands (cross your fingers). Like I always say the best warm down from a ski race is a 4 hour ride into a north wind. The systemsix rides like a dream and feels very solid for a 15lber. Pictures soon.

Mtn Dell is hanging on by a thread but despite the lack of snow the skiing is good. Got a last minute call from B Firth to cruise some laps on the track to wind down a nice Monday.

Nothing like new equipment to get you jazzed, Rosie is planning to run the SLC 1/2 marathon this spring and just got a sweet new pair of white addidas running shoes. They fit just right are very stable to accommodate her over pronation while running, plus they look good! She has been wearing them all over the house tonight and is just itching to get out the door.

Am I like that with new bikes and skis?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bart, you inspired me after the race and I actually got on my bike for a couple of hours after the race. Nice race. You won your group.

10:30 AM

Blogger flahute said...

Put those new found skills to work at the 3rd Annual Frozen-in-Time Ice Bike race, in Park City on Saturday March 10th.

Bike only, or Skate Ski and Bike.

Conditions should be better than last year's Ice-Hike-a-Bike in Round Valley.

3:38 PM


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