Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So today is are 3 year anniversary's but since Rosie and Eva went back up to the cabin at bear lake we celebrated early and spent Sunday night at Snowbird and did some uphill only hiking (took the tram down), eating, and pool lounging. I am going to get a little sloppy here just for a minute and thank Rosie for being the best wife and mother anyone could dream off. She does it all and absolutely makes me better at everything I do.
Check the views.

Looking Southeast across Mineral Basin towards the Heber Valley

looking West across gad valley and into SLC

Looking South you can see Sundance and the back of Cascade

Check out the dust devil roasting these girls at the top of the tram

into the eye of the funnel

Speaking of views I just got back from sharing mine at the Salt Lake County Community Council meeting where their seemed to be a large and receptive turnout for the trails in Emigration Canyon. Now I am no public speaker and probably sounded like a nervous idiot but I at least shared my informed opinion as a resident of the canyon, an avid trail user, and an experienced trail builder. It was interesting that not one resident of emigration oaks that is opposed to the mid mountain North slope trail was present or willing to speak up, I guess its hard to say "I don't want trails on public land anywhere around my house" without sounding like a selfish moron. I then enjoyed a nice ride home with Bob and he even had an opportunity to test out a few of the compound trails on his roadbike.

Anyway, If your looking for a deal on Gatorade the 32oz bottles are on sale at Dans for 59 cents/each. I picked up 60 bottles so when CRIBS is filmed at my house I can pack my fridge full of one beverage and look as foolish as all those rappers. You know they just lease all those fancy "whips" the day of filming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Babe!! Doing things that make you smile, make me smile too:)

6:18 PM

Blogger jsager said...

I do think they need a Bart cribs edition...you could lay out the bikes, the motos, the cars, gatorade...."my raliegh's rolling on 26's baby!"

10:42 PM


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