Thursday, June 22, 2006

Emigration trails master plan meeting

Below is the letter announcing the public hearing for the trails plan in emigration canyon, if you have any kind of interest in trails please show your support at the county building this Tuesday, June 27th. Details below.

Dear Friends, 6/21/06
The public hearing on the Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan is just around the corner! Please make some time in your busy schedule to attend this very important event. The comments that get made to the SL County Council next Tuesday, June 27th, will have a far reaching impact likely affecting trail development in this county for years to come.
As you craft you statements here are a few things to remember:

--Keep it positive! Talk about the benefits and opportunities this trail system could bring to our community, our families, our future.
--Try to avoid attacking the short sighted and selfish few who don't want trails in the canyon.
--Keep it simple. Stick to two or three or main points and present them in a clear and concise manner.
--Be gracious! Thank the council for hearing you and ask that they continue to support trails and open space planning.

Important:Please do not boo, holler, or applaud those making comments. It irritates the council and slows the entire process down.

I will try to speak first and will likely ask for a show of hands of those in the room who support trails, so it will be important to have as many of you there at the start of the hearing as possible.
Right now they are telling me that we will get rolling on the topic of the trail plan at approximately 4:30 pm. PLEASE TRY TO BE THERE ON TIME!!! If you can't get there by 4:30 come as soon as you can. If there is a scheduling change for the start of the public hearing I will notify you immediately.
It has been a long, long haul getting to this point. Your thoughtful comments and presence at the public hearing next week will make THE difference in seeing a positive outcome to this process.
Hope to see you all there!


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