Friday, June 30, 2006

doctor free bike racing

Forget watching The Tour tomorrow and come up to Solitude and watch a real bike race with real athletes. You won't find any phony Barry Bonds wannabe bike racers up there, no wondering who is sauced and who isn't. Since when did you need a "team doctor" for bike racing. I have been racing for years without a doctor, if you fall off and get a scrape then stitch it up or find someone who can, you don't need a hematoligist. If you get sick then rest and the body will mend, if want to know how to train then figure it out or read some books or hire a coach, you don't need a doctor or a pharmacist or a veterinarian. You know what they learn in medical school, how to manipulate the body and disease using medication and surgery. Bike racers seldom need that. I know I am preaching to the choir here but this is ridiculous. Fortunately for us watching all these lame cheats kill the sport that feeds them does not make riding and racing any less fun. I plan to have a ripping good time with my friends tomorrow pushing my doctor free body to the limits, hope you do the same.
Looks like the rains coming just in time, long live tachy trails!


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