Monday, June 26, 2006


Dear Friends, Trail Lovers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts everywhere,

THIS IS IT!!! Tomorrow between 4:15 and 4:30 pm there will be a public hearing regarding the Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan and THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

TIME: The public hearing will get underway as early as 4:15 and as late as 4:30 pm. Please try to get there as early as possible!

PLACE: Salt Lake County Complex, 2100 S. State Street, North Building, first floor in County Council chambers. There is free parking on the east side of the north building.

MEETING FORMAT: The plan will be briefly introduced by County Parks and Recreation personnel and then the microphone will be open to the public. Each speaker has 3 minutes only!

The Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan will help to lay the ground work for more and better trails in Salt Lake County. This plan is at risk of being gutted over the objections of a very, very small group of private property owners in the canyon who do not want trail users on the PUBLIC LAND behind their homes. Their concerns about safety and privacy are valid, however the reasons they give are not. Trail users are not irresponsible, fire-starting, partying criminals bent on destroying the value and serenity of Emigration Canyon neighborhoods! Tell the council who you are and why you want to see this trail plan approved!

Salt Lake County trail users need more and better trails, but more importantly, we need to preserve our right to access public land. Future access to public lands of Emigration Canyon should not be decided by a small group of private property owners lucky enough to live in the canyon. The decision regarding the Emigration trails plan will affect other trail decisions in the county for years to come. If we do not speak up for preserving access to open space and public lands in the canyon, it is likely private property owners living adjacent to public lands will make those decisions for us in the future. Don't let this happen!!!


If you absolutely can not make it please contact the Salt Lake County Council and Mayor Corroon and share your views.


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