Sunday, May 21, 2006

soldier hollow

I got waxed! I new going into this race I was not on top of my game so I was not to disappointed when I did not have much snap. After winning this race last year I had to come back but Soldier hollow is not the place to struggle, 36 miles and 5200 vertical feet on wide open windy trails make for a tough slog, at least I was working on my tan. The first lap I tried to work my way into it and bridged up to Sager on the first long climb. I could tell right then I did not have the energy to pour it on for 4 laps, I had a tough time rolling the flat windy sections and eventually watched Jason and Thomas Spanring ride away. I think Spanring got some calf implants over the winter, he is rivaling Jones; he claims it was all the skiing he did but I say it has to be implants. Anyway, I settled in for a steady ride and finished 3rd. I had no desire to push the pace as I did not plan to catch the race in front of me and could not see anyone behind, I know thats not the killer racer instinct but sometimes you have to save it for another day. I was actually pleased with the outcome considering how I felt and came home with a little diaper money. Props to J and T-calf for showing us all how its done. I think I prefer skiing at soldier hollow.

Check out my cheering section, Eva and little Richard enjoying a day at the races. Little Dickies dad is making a come back to mountain bike racing and ran away with the Sport class win.
Just grinding along daydreaming of days when the power flows like cold Fresca!

It's days like this that really make you appreciate the delicate machine of the human body, all the landscaping and travel have caught with me and I need some rest. I hope to be back on the gas soon!

Other Raleigh Factory Results for the weekend:
Roger 2nd Soldier Hollow
Eric 1st Coyote Classic, Boise ID
Sue 4th Coyote Classic, Boise ID


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree 100% about Thomas' legs. They've always been pretty sexy in that aspect, but WOW! they're rockin this season.

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