Thursday, May 18, 2006

pictures of what?

Trying to lay low this week and get my energy back up by the weekend, it is coming around slow. Today I was applying an immediate post-operative prosthesis on a new below-knee amputation in the operating room when I looked up over the shield sheet and noticed this gentleman watching me work on his new stump. How weird would it be to have a limb removed while your awake, off course he could feel nothing due to the epidural and along with a sedative will not remember much, but he was able to listen and talk to me. I have asked hundreds of individuals what it is like right after and amputation and have got all sorts of answers but I don't think you can know unless you experience it. The psyche surrounding major physical change fascinates me. If you ever wanted to watch a below knee amputation here is a narrated 21 min clip.

Anyway, today my training consisted of commuting with a couple short efforts in the am and pm to test my recovery, not bad but not perfect.
Now check out some cool pictures

Traded this Echo CS-3000 chainsaw for a pair of carbon riser bars, this baby will rip through downfall.

Although I am trying to keep the physical labor to a minimum this week in order to dig out of my fatigue hole, I did sneak in a little work on this section of trail in the front yard. I am collecting rocks, here is some big ones I will use to help retain the extra parking spot

Smaller ones to be used for steps in backyard

Hope your not bored with the lack of action cycling photos, you can go anywhere for those, but where can find pictures of rocks.


Blogger Grizzly Adam said...

Hmmm...amputation talk, and a pic of a chainsaw.....

8:39 AM

Blogger jsager said...

son, I need to bring you and your rock moving arms up to my place...I have a bit of single that needs some refinement in the back yard.

7:34 AM


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