Monday, May 29, 2006


24 hours can make a huge difference. Yesterday I woke up to a sideways blizzard with accumulating snow and today I woke to crystal blue sunny skies. I did see a cow elk up freeze creek last night, she was probably confused about the season. What a world. I celebrated those that have passed on lby living the best I can and started training again. The rest has done me well and I am feeling better. Did a 3 hr road ride over big mtn to the east canyon dam and back with Rog and Fox. Once the legs got turning they felt pretty good and I even pushed it a little on a few switch backs. A good ride with better company. The trail around the compound is making progress but my upper back is sore, if I keep it up I might start looking like Bonds, oh wait it takes designer steroids to look like that, what a putz. Did some grillin and hot tubbin with climbum, Rosie, and Eva. Nothing beats swimming with Eva, she is all smiles even more that usual. Sorry for no pics I am looking for a new little camera, I can't pack Rosies monster around to snap shots of wildlife.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a moment of slacking brought me across your fab site. dig the new kit!
tiff p

11:44 AM


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