Friday, May 26, 2006

on the fence

I am on the fence about racing tomorrow, I have been struggling all week with a head cold and some general fatigue. Have not ridden over 30 min at one time since last weekend. I guess Lance once said if you don't ride for at least 1 hour it is not worth the time, that means about 90% of my time on a bike is not worth it, what does he know. Racing 40 miles into a gale force wind in a cow pasture with a hundred turns sight unseen actually sounds like a good time, I am just not sure I have the energy to perform, I'll decide in the morning.
I now know why 99.9% of all pro mountain bikers don't have children, when you need serious recovery they somehow find sleep unappealing. Eva had a fever last night and would have nothing to do with shut eye, good thing she is worth more than any world championship or cycling title because I was not getting the sleep needed to win a local beginner race. Back in the day the pro's like Ned and Tomac had children, today I can hardly think of any that are married let alone have kids. Maybe it has something to do with feeding hungry mouths on a pro MTBer's salary.
Eric and Sue are house sitting for some friends of ours who are spending 2 weeks in Denver for in-vitro, our prayers are with them. Eric cooked up some pasta for us and I figured that if I ate as big a pile as he did I somehow might become as fast, to bad it does not work that way.
Oh yea,I saw a coyote pooping on the side of the road on my ride home from work.
will see what tonight brings.


Blogger Vanglet said...

Nice blog. I feel the same like you. I am one of that 0,1 %

9:17 PM


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