Monday, May 22, 2006

moose crossing

Not only have I not been recovering very well but now I wake up with a head cold. Have done very little riding over the last few days. Did take an nice easy recovery ride up big mountain with Rosie and Eva in the trailer, I think it was the first time I have been dropped cold by Rosie. We followed this moose up the road for a while, I bet it's the same one fox ran into. Yesterday I rested hard and even rode the trail 110 (80 mpg) to work. Despite working on the carburetor yesterday it still is having trouble, the float seems to be sticking and it seems some of the ports may be clogging up, I just had the thing apart last night. Just chilled last night, no riding, no manual labor, acting like a real pro just laying around. I can hardly handle it. Word from Rog is the thanksgiving point MTB course is rough and not very fun I guess if I am not feeling the spark yet it won't be a bad one to miss. On the other hand a flat course should be easier to take it easy on, will see. To bad it's not reasonably smooth or I would bust out the cross bike. Hope to get back to some training soon, it's been a while.

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