Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Loop

I wish I had unlimited energy. Yesterday I did a little to much and am paying for it today with soreness. It seems everything I want to do has a huge physical demand, I need some kind of mental project.

Morning- removed deadwood from the compound, starting to look good with the first part of my test track mapped out.
Afternoon- burned the alpine loop with Roger, I could not resist one of the best loops around. We had a great time and were fortunate to run into the forest service right after they had made the first pass with the auger, they hope to have it open for cars the Friday before Memorial day, now is the time to enjoy it on bikes.
Evening- loaded tons (literally) of rock by hand with the help of Rog. I plan to use this rock to build a stairway in the backyard up to the upper yard. Unloaded the truck today.

The ranger tells me this baby will throw snow 200 feet, no need to stop for downed trees it throws them as well. After cutting the alpine loop it is now on its way to mirror lake highway, after flying over the Uintahs last week I would say it has it's work cut out for it. It's normal home is Fairview canyon. Maybe for next winter I will look into one for my driveway.

Roger near the top of the sundance side, the AF side had a bit more snow but nothing the cross skills can't handle.
Me at the top checking out the huge amount of run off in the upper meadows
Rock! yea that's what you will say when my shirt comes off after I get all this moved.

Good thing I am back at work the remainder of the week, I need to recover.


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