Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lava Rama

Car pooled up to Lava Hot Springs with Eric and Susy in there new suby. If you have never been to Lava Hot Springs it is a cute little town about 10 miles east of I-15 just before you get to Pocatello. The main draw to the town is the hot pools for that hippie type soaking experience. The race was on a dusty 9 mile loop that raced down main street each lap. Because it was an Intermountain Cup and a Wild Rockies series race we had a good pro field of 17 riders. Most of the Utah locals were there including our newest local J-Sager, Boise also had a good representation. Because of the 1.5 mile pavement stretch at the start the pace was nice and easy, except for thin and thinner Perry's attack up the first hill and near miss of the first turn. I was a little hungry on the line which is good for a cross race but for a 2 hour MTB race with lots of climbing I was afraid of running out of gas. A full lap warm up may have been a little to much. Climbum Jones told me this course had a little service road climb, all things are relative because I thought the 20 minute grind to the top was more than little, especially in the heat. I felt ok but had to back off Eric pace at the top of the first climb, the second lap I felt a little better up the long climb but by the end of the lap started to feel some cramps coming on, Jones was always in sight but I did not have the punch to bridge the gap. Near the end of the third lap Jones got a flat and I was able to steal the win, kind of a swap of last weekend. At least the Raleigh boys were able to take 1-2. Susy also had a good race placing 2nd Pro Women to put all the Raleigh's on the podium. Now I just have to chisle the dried cow crap off my bike, Idaho style!
Eva's been waiting all day to go swimming, check out her new suit. Finally enjoying the refreshing 100-120 F. hotpots

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Blogger Matt Hobson-Rohrer said...

Hey Bart,

Sounds like you had a good time in Lava. They used to have a great Thai place there, always packed and really authentic food. Did you happen to find it? We like to hit Lava in the Spring before it gets too crowded. The hot pots are great.

Would love to see your schedule of upcoming events so we can catch a race. Maybe it is somewhere on your blog, just haven't found it yet.

Take care,


9:42 AM


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