Sunday, May 28, 2006

Good Call

"Good judgment comes from experience, Experience comes from bad judgment"
Robert Lovell
I try to teach physical therapy students that good judgment is critical in patient care but often times can only be gained by learning from our mistakes, don't be afraid to make mistakes but save your mistakes for non-critical situations, easier said then done.
I have a much harder time making decisions regarding my free time than my patient care, yesterday I was racked with the decision to race or not. By nature I am a racer, If asked what I am training for I say life. I race nearly year round and enjoy the thrill of racing all types of bikes.
In my heart I wanted to race at thanksgiving point but in my head I new it was not the right thing for me and family. I had not trained in a couple weeks and was trying to get over a cold and some general fatigue, Eva was now sick and had not been sleeping, my amazingly supportive wife had sleep little and would not enjoy hanging out in a windy field. Despite all this rational thought and a morning spent jumping back and forth over the fence I found myself at the race. I signed up, rode around a little and finally about 3 minutes before the start came to my senses. I pulled the plug on the race despite wanting to support the boys at revolution and my racing instincts. In hind sight it was a great decision, I can now polish of my rest weeks with a couple days completely off the bike and come out next week ready to get fit again. In the past I have ignored rational thought and raced when I new I shouldn't only to regret it later, today I am basking in my rare good decision. With the remainder of the day I was able to take Rosie for an egg bagel and get a little work done on my trail system, more on that later. The evening was spent enjoying dinner at our favorite sushi place, Go Sushi on 33rd, give it a try! When Sager called to tell me the race was even less fun than it looked, it only bolstered by decision. Hopefully I can add this experience to my data bank for a future of good decision making.
Props to high roller fox (who just payed Rosie $10 to cut up a watermelon for him) for a well earned 2nd place.
enjoy the fresh snow


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