Saturday, April 22, 2006

coyote pretty

It's been a good couple days. Got at it early in the yard on Friday and did the work of 3 men by noon. Rode up little cottonwood on the road bike for some steady climbing, felt pretty good on the hill but LC never gets any flatter. I am light right now (137lbs) which seems to be helping against gravity. My "solid drip" eating must be working, more on that later. Met Jones at the top getting off work at Snowbird and barreled down the descent at 50+ MPH, I got dropped by Climbum-J when he burned around a car on a tight corner, I get a little gun shy descending on the road when not racing, I don't want to die, not to mention the scolding I would get from Rosie. She would download my bike computer to monitor my top speeds if she could, probably has something to do with all the funerals we have been going to.
About a 1/4 mile down from my house I came across a coyote in the middle of the road, I stopped and he stared me down before walking up the embankment then turned around and crossed the road again about 20 feet from me like I was not even there, I got a couple pics but was fumbling to get the camera out of my jersey pocket. I bet this little guy is one of the many that try to keep me from falling asleep at night, good luck!

Now this is what spring is all about, 75 and sunny. Rosie and I dropped Eva of with grandma today and got in some dirt riding. We rode up Millcreek and down pipeline. The only snow was in the pines right as you start the trail on the entrance below the gait, otherwise the dirt was buffed. Rosie rode 95% of rattlesnake gulch, she got spooked on a couple drops at the top and a switchback or two, otherwise she was "shredding the nar". I rode home and started clearing more deadwood, even started some work on my backyard connector trail. We got a new picnic table that I put together, we then broke it in with some burgers hot off the grill and fresh strawberry shortcake. A quick hike up freeze creek with the Adair family to top off the evening.

Two weeks until the first NORBA in LA, I think I am feeling pretty good but have not raced in a while, plan to get some good rest in and then some short efforts to stay crisp. I want to put together a good race and really flythe new Raleigh colors. I may even have to cut back on my manual labor around the house. Just gotta get that picnic table stained.


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