Wednesday, March 29, 2006

At it again

In the last 2 days I have commuted to and from work, of those 4 rides 3 have been in a cold windy rain or snow and the 4th was in a light drizzle. I am excited to go ride in the desert. It's to bad the Hell of the North Road race conflicts with the chola race because I like sliding sideways on pea gravel through that last turn, that's my idea of fun. It's like old skool moto short track racing. I am sure the schedules a conspiracy, no one wants a mountain biker winning the 1st Utah road race 3 years in a row.

Check out this picture taken from my front porch, its at it again and I expect another 6 inches on the deck by morning. New bikes and clothes are in the mail but will not be ready for this weekend, bummer. In the am I gotta present a 9 min presentation on lifestyle modification and adherence to healthy lifestyle to 42 physical therapy students at the university, I better go prepare or maybe just go to sleep.


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